The Best Wedding Dress for Your Body Shape

The dress is no doubt the most important part of the wedding for any bride-to-be. After many years, it’s easy to forget what food was served or how the reception was decorated, but a bride never forgets her dress. With so many choices out there, shopping for a wedding dress can be downright overwhelming. Perhaps a good starting point for gown shopping is to consider your body type. Once you know what styles suit your body best, you’ll be able to find the perfect dress in no time. However, always remember you should put a limit to your mini donuts consumption prior to the wedding so you can be sure the dress will fit.

Curvy Brides
If you’ve got a curvy figure, as in your shoulders, waist, and hips form the shape of an hourglass, you’ve got a lot of options for a wedding gown. Your best bet is to embrace your curves with a mermaid gown. This gown will show off the natural curves you’ve been blessed with. You might also like an A-line dress, which is fitted below the bust, if you want a more flowy look. A sheath dress, which is loosely cut to follow the curves of an hourglass figure, is a great option if you want to look curvy without your gown fitting too tightly.

Apple Brides
This body type often finds that their widest point is a their middle, with their shoulders and hips being a bit more slender. If you are an apple body type, you can choose to either define or camouflage your waist, depending on your style. If you want to give the illusion of a narrower waist, look for an A-line gown, which is fitted in the middle and flows out at the bottom, so it will help define your shape. If you wish to camouflage your waist, try an empire waisted gown. The most fitted part falls just under the bust, so your top half looks outstanding while the fabric gently flows and covers your body from the waist down.

Pear Brides
Narrow shoulders leading down to wider hips gives the pear brides their shape. As a pear shaped bride, you will want to try to balance the bottom of the gown with the narrower shoulders on top. A ball gown is a great choice for this because the layers of tulle will hide your hips while showcasing your bust and shoulders. A-lines will have a similar effect without as much bulk. If you aren’t into hiding your body, then try on a mermaid dress to hug those curves and show off that lower body!

Strawberry Brides
Also called inverted triangles, strawberry brides have wide shoulders with a narrow waist and narrow hips. The two best bets if you’re in this category are A-line dresses or ball gown dresses. The extra material at the bottom of these dresses will balance out your upper half while defining your waist. If you’ve got some hips that you want to show off, a mermaid or trumpet gown’s lower body flair will do the balancing trick while being a bit more form-fitting.

Rectangle Brides
If you are on the thinner side with shoulders, waist, and hips that are of equal widths, then you are a rectangle. You can choose from nearly any dress you like! A ball gown is a great choice because it helps give the appearance of curves. An A-line or empire is more demure, and with proper seaming, it can give the appearance of full curves. A sheath dress will gently caress your small curves to make them look bigger and give you the statuesque appearance of a greek goddess.

Beautiful Gowns for Every Body
No matter what designer, fabric, accents, or color you choose, be sure to choose a wedding gown that fits your body and your personality. A great fit will always trump a trendy style. Fit your body and you will be sure to look timelessly beautiful at your wedding.