How to Pick a Diamond Based on Your Personality

diamond_cut_ShapeEach engagement ring is as unique as the woman who wears it. While a diamond is a must for virtually every bride across the board, the cut and style (or even color) of diamond might depend on your personality. Since your ring will be a part of your daily style for many years to come, consider what each diamond says about who you are before making the final choice.

These square shaped diamonds are the classic non-traditional diamond shape. They can take on a look from modern to romantic. Choosing a princess cut usually means that you prefer to be treated as the best. You probably also love glamorous and romantic looks. This cut points to a unique blend of modern style sensibilities combined with your fairytale ideal of love. If you’re looking for one of those see engagement rings Winnipeg website for more ideas!

This non-traditional cut doesn’t give as much bling and shine as other cuts, but it’s still gorgeous in its own way. It’s beautiful shape could show a flaw, so only choose this cut if you are quite confident! Many old-school movie stars chose this cut, so if you like a vintage flair with lots of glamour, an unexpected and fashionable emerald diamond would work for you.

This is the most traditional cut for the most traditional of couples. It’s been the most popular and in-demand shape for hundreds of years. The many facets give this shape the best shine and sparkle. You recognize time-honored beauty and don’t feel the need to stand out from the crowd. If you are a classic beauty who doesn’t like fuss, this is the cut for you.

Vintage (Marquise, Pear, Oval, Asscher)
Choosing a unique cut from the past means that you like to be different. These styles are often more dramatic and are cut to get the most sparkle from the stone while still giving it a unique shape. This stone lets people know that you like to do the unexpected. You are bold while still being beautiful. These stones are said to be a bit more sexy than the other traditional cuts, so you’ll come across as an extrovert with a dramatic side with one of these gem cuts on your finger.

No doubt that a modern bride may opt for a colored diamond. Choosing a colored stone means that you like to go off the beaten path and make your own way. Colored diamonds suit brides with their own set of rules.You must be very outgoing and spirited to rock a colored diamond. Also, the color can reveal a lot about your personality: pink diamonds are romantic and whimsical, while green diamonds are natural and earthy.

A Diamond for Every Bride
No matter if you’re shy and demure or outgoing and glamourous, one diamond cut is sure to catch your eye and speak to the real you. Don’t be afraid to choose a ring that you really love, even if it seems a bit expensive. You’ll look down at your hand every day and be so glad that you picked the style that truly represents you.