Maintaining Wedding Traditions in the Modern World

Planning a wedding includes a lot of different facets, from food to gown to decor. For most brides today, finding a balance of the time-honored wedding traditions and modern bridal trends can be difficult. This can be especially challenging when it comes to the “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue” wedding fashion tradition. While this tradition is meant to bring luck to the bride, it sometimes hard to embrace. It is totally possible to have a modern and elegant wedding style while still upholding the traditions of your mother and grandmother. Check out these creative tips to incorporate the old fashioned notions into your wedding.

Something Old
● Find a banner stands at an antique store. This can look stunning, especially if your wedding has a vintage flair.
● Incorporate a favorite item from your current wardrobe, like a special pair of favorite shoes for the reception or even your go-to bra.
● Put old pics of your family members in a locket and wear it as a necklace or bracelet or tuck it into your bouquet.

Something New
● For most brides, the something new is their dress. The dress definitely makes the wedding, so picking a unique style that fits you exclusively is the best bet.
● New shoes are a great idea. That way, you get the support and comfort you need while being able to match your gown exactly.
● If you aren’t wearing a new wedding dress, buy yourself some new jewelry to wear along with it. That way, your own personal touch can still shine through.

Something Borrowed
● Borrow a beautiful nail polish from a friend. Your fingers and toes will look beautiful and you can even choose to match your bestie if you want!
● Steal your friend’s gorgeous veil. If you know someone who had a beautiful wedding accessory, seize this chance to have it be the “something borrowed” for your own wedding.
● Borrow some jewelry from your mom or grandma. It will be beautiful and make you feel extra special on your big day, especially if it’s something they wore to their wedding.

Something Blue
● Lingerie can be a fun choice for something blue. No one at the wedding will see it under your gown, but your new hubby will be pleasantly surprised.
● Tie a blue ribbon around your flowers. It can be a big and bold ribbon or just a small and discreet ribbon, but the blue will be there to give you luck.
● Monogram or stitch something into your wedding dress. Many modern brides choose to monogram their new initials into the hem of their dress using blue thread. You could also stitch in a piece of a blue tie or handkerchief from your dad or grandad.

Don’t Forget the Sixpence!sixpence

Most people forget the last part of the rhyme, which is “and a sixpence in her shoe.” You can find a sixpence online. They make great wedding shower gifts, too, so you might be lucky enough to be gifted one.

Timeless Traditions for Memorable Weddings
Each bride picks unique ways to incorporate these traditions into her wedding. Need even more ideas? Include your friends and family to help pick the traditional items. If you just can’t bring yourself to include the items in your wedding day outfit, you can incorporate them into your wedding decor. No matter how you pull it all together, your big day will be your lucky day.