Benefits Of Using Cryptocurrencies

The word cryptocurrency may have first been heard in the year 2009 with the introduction of bitcoins, but not much has been known about it until lately. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies. They are decentralized money, meaning there is no central bank to regulate its transactions. Examples of the digital currencies are Bitcoins, Litecoins, Ethereum, Zcash, Dash, Ripple, and Monero.

Any cryptocurrency in existence prevents fraud because payments cannot be reversed. Since the money is digital, no one can counterfeit or reverse it. Where it can be used as a means of payment for a service, the party receiving the money would likely prefer using bitcoins or the others because it would be impossible for the sender to reverse the payment. Many online freelancers also like the idea because it gives them full control over their money once it has been paid.

In addition, cryptocurrency payments don’t waste time. Since third parties are not necessary for the transactions made, a deal can be concluded quicker than when using the banks or the other online payment systems.

The issue about high transfer fees with some online payment systems is another reason why people decide to use cryptocurrencies. Most cryptocurrency transactions are done with a very small processing fee. Fr example, sending about $103 via bitcoin costs less than $4 commission. Similarly, the party receiving the money spends nothing more than $1 only to receive the funds.

Using a cryptocurrency prevents identity theft because there is no need to supply one’s personal details when opening an account. This is not the case with the traditional payment systems such as credit card, cheques and online systems such as PayPal. Cryptocurrency users are therefore safe and are less likely to have their accounts hacked.

Anyone can open a cryptocurrency account. Since no one governs the number of accounts one can own, it is possible to have up to five or more with lots of money in them. Moreover, since the internet is available to all, these digital currencies can be owned by anyone who can just open an account using a cell phone or a laptop. The availability of different bitcoin apps is also making things a lot easier.

Cryptocurrency wallets can be used to store large sums of money. Because it is completely decentralized, one can save millions of dollars in it without fear of being questioned by some government officials. If a person has made a lot of money from some laudable projects, then it is safe to open cryptocurrency wallets and storing the money there.

Since cryptocurrency wallets can be opened by anyone, there is no need to be worried about IP addresses when doing so. This makes account freezing almost impossible as is the case with some other systems like PayPal where the user has to use a country’s IP address consistently to avoid being blocked.

Even though it is not yet as popular as the credit cards which are more frequently used in global commerce, it is safe to say that time is coming when it will be more recognized on the global scene. Already, there are bitcoin ATMs and online shops where bitcoins are accepted as a medium of exchange.

Maintaining Wedding Traditions in the Modern World

Planning a wedding includes a lot of different facets, from food to gown to decor. For most brides today, finding a balance of the time-honored wedding traditions and modern bridal trends can be difficult. This can be especially challenging when it comes to the “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue” wedding fashion tradition. While this tradition is meant to bring luck to the bride, it sometimes hard to embrace. It is totally possible to have a modern and elegant wedding style while still upholding the traditions of your mother and grandmother. Check out these creative tips to incorporate the old fashioned notions into your wedding.

Something Old
● Find a banner stands at an antique store. This can look stunning, especially if your wedding has a vintage flair.
● Incorporate a favorite item from your current wardrobe, like a special pair of favorite shoes for the reception or even your go-to bra.
● Put old pics of your family members in a locket and wear it as a necklace or bracelet or tuck it into your bouquet.

Something New
● For most brides, the something new is their dress. The dress definitely makes the wedding, so picking a unique style that fits you exclusively is the best bet.
● New shoes are a great idea. That way, you get the support and comfort you need while being able to match your gown exactly.
● If you aren’t wearing a new wedding dress, buy yourself some new jewelry to wear along with it. That way, your own personal touch can still shine through.

Something Borrowed
● Borrow a beautiful nail polish from a friend. Your fingers and toes will look beautiful and you can even choose to match your bestie if you want!
● Steal your friend’s gorgeous veil. If you know someone who had a beautiful wedding accessory, seize this chance to have it be the “something borrowed” for your own wedding.
● Borrow some jewelry from your mom or grandma. It will be beautiful and make you feel extra special on your big day, especially if it’s something they wore to their wedding.

Something Blue
● Lingerie can be a fun choice for something blue. No one at the wedding will see it under your gown, but your new hubby will be pleasantly surprised.
● Tie a blue ribbon around your flowers. It can be a big and bold ribbon or just a small and discreet ribbon, but the blue will be there to give you luck.
● Monogram or stitch something into your wedding dress. Many modern brides choose to monogram their new initials into the hem of their dress using blue thread. You could also stitch in a piece of a blue tie or handkerchief from your dad or grandad.

Don’t Forget the Sixpence!sixpence

Most people forget the last part of the rhyme, which is “and a sixpence in her shoe.” You can find a sixpence online. They make great wedding shower gifts, too, so you might be lucky enough to be gifted one.

Timeless Traditions for Memorable Weddings
Each bride picks unique ways to incorporate these traditions into her wedding. Need even more ideas? Include your friends and family to help pick the traditional items. If you just can’t bring yourself to include the items in your wedding day outfit, you can incorporate them into your wedding decor. No matter how you pull it all together, your big day will be your lucky day.

How to Pick a Diamond Based on Your Personality

diamond_cut_ShapeEach engagement ring is as unique as the woman who wears it. While a diamond is a must for virtually every bride across the board, the cut and style (or even color) of diamond might depend on your personality. Since your ring will be a part of your daily style for many years to come, consider what each diamond says about who you are before making the final choice.

These square shaped diamonds are the classic non-traditional diamond shape. They can take on a look from modern to romantic. Choosing a princess cut usually means that you prefer to be treated as the best. You probably also love glamorous and romantic looks. This cut points to a unique blend of modern style sensibilities combined with your fairytale ideal of love. If you’re looking for one of those see engagement rings Winnipeg website for more ideas!

This non-traditional cut doesn’t give as much bling and shine as other cuts, but it’s still gorgeous in its own way. It’s beautiful shape could show a flaw, so only choose this cut if you are quite confident! Many old-school movie stars chose this cut, so if you like a vintage flair with lots of glamour, an unexpected and fashionable emerald diamond would work for you.

This is the most traditional cut for the most traditional of couples. It’s been the most popular and in-demand shape for hundreds of years. The many facets give this shape the best shine and sparkle. You recognize time-honored beauty and don’t feel the need to stand out from the crowd. If you are a classic beauty who doesn’t like fuss, this is the cut for you.

Vintage (Marquise, Pear, Oval, Asscher)
Choosing a unique cut from the past means that you like to be different. These styles are often more dramatic and are cut to get the most sparkle from the stone while still giving it a unique shape. This stone lets people know that you like to do the unexpected. You are bold while still being beautiful. These stones are said to be a bit more sexy than the other traditional cuts, so you’ll come across as an extrovert with a dramatic side with one of these gem cuts on your finger.

No doubt that a modern bride may opt for a colored diamond. Choosing a colored stone means that you like to go off the beaten path and make your own way. Colored diamonds suit brides with their own set of rules.You must be very outgoing and spirited to rock a colored diamond. Also, the color can reveal a lot about your personality: pink diamonds are romantic and whimsical, while green diamonds are natural and earthy.

A Diamond for Every Bride
No matter if you’re shy and demure or outgoing and glamourous, one diamond cut is sure to catch your eye and speak to the real you. Don’t be afraid to choose a ring that you really love, even if it seems a bit expensive. You’ll look down at your hand every day and be so glad that you picked the style that truly represents you.

Choosing the Perfect Ring for the Perfect Guy

If you thought finding the right guy was difficult, then you’ve clearly never been jewelry shopping for a man. There are surprisingly a lot of choices when it comes to getting that perfect men’s wedding ring – you just got to find the right Ring Supplier. With so many metals, widths, and styles to choose from, you might feel a bit confused about which one might be best. Here is a look at the different aspects of men’s wedding rings to help you make the perfect choice.

The most astonishing thing about finding a men’s wedding ring is the fact that there are so many different metals to choose from. Here’s an overview of the most popular materials:

Tungsten● Tungsten: This is a more modern, alternative choice. It’s heavier and more scratch-resistant that other materials. It comes in black, grey, and white (which looks like silver). It’s one of the less expensive wedding ring metals as well. If you’ve got a man who likes to work with his hands, this metal is a good bet because it will hold up well.

● Platinum: This classic choice is beautiful and durable, but has a hefty price tag. It is the most durable of all precious metals. It will scratch and fade over time, but it will never break. This material is great for almost any guy, but especially a more traditional guy.

● Gold: This is the most traditional choice. If you want to add a modern flair, you can pick a rose gold instead of white or yellow gold. Gold does wear over time and may need reshaping or recoloring after a few years. If your man is classic and simple, go for the gold ring.

● Titanium: Yet another alternative metal choice, titanium is really lightweight. It is super difficult to break and is somewhat flexible. It does scratch, though, so it may need buffed out every few years, depending on how much your guy works with his hands.

When choosing the right size and width, your best bet is to have your man try the ring on. The rings are sized just like women’s rings: by measuring around the finger for the proper fit. As for width, men’s wedding rings can measure anywhere from 3 millimeters thick to 8 millimeters thick. Men with smaller hands might prefer a thinner ring, while a thick ring suits guys with thicker hands or longer fingers. Also consider what your husband-to-be does for a living. If they work with their hands, they might prefer a thinner and less bulky ring over a thick ring.

There are basically three style choices for men’s ring: plain, bejeweled, or carved. Plain rings can have either straight or beveled edges, but that’s as fancy as they get. You can get rings with diamonds or other gemstones inlaid. They can be inlaid vertically or horizontally in the ring design and come in a variety of karats. Carved rings add some interest without adding the bling. They can be carved with a solid pattern or even have portions of the pattern carved out.

The Best Wedding Dress for Your Body Shape

The dress is no doubt the most important part of the wedding for any bride-to-be. After many years, it’s easy to forget what food was served or how the reception was decorated, but a bride never forgets her dress. With so many choices out there, shopping for a wedding dress can be downright overwhelming. Perhaps a good starting point for gown shopping is to consider your body type. Once you know what styles suit your body best, you’ll be able to find the perfect dress in no time. However, always remember you should put a limit to your mini donuts consumption prior to the wedding so you can be sure the dress will fit.

Curvy Brides
If you’ve got a curvy figure, as in your shoulders, waist, and hips form the shape of an hourglass, you’ve got a lot of options for a wedding gown. Your best bet is to embrace your curves with a mermaid gown. This gown will show off the natural curves you’ve been blessed with. You might also like an A-line dress, which is fitted below the bust, if you want a more flowy look. A sheath dress, which is loosely cut to follow the curves of an hourglass figure, is a great option if you want to look curvy without your gown fitting too tightly.

Apple Brides
This body type often finds that their widest point is a their middle, with their shoulders and hips being a bit more slender. If you are an apple body type, you can choose to either define or camouflage your waist, depending on your style. If you want to give the illusion of a narrower waist, look for an A-line gown, which is fitted in the middle and flows out at the bottom, so it will help define your shape. If you wish to camouflage your waist, try an empire waisted gown. The most fitted part falls just under the bust, so your top half looks outstanding while the fabric gently flows and covers your body from the waist down.

Pear Brides
Narrow shoulders leading down to wider hips gives the pear brides their shape. As a pear shaped bride, you will want to try to balance the bottom of the gown with the narrower shoulders on top. A ball gown is a great choice for this because the layers of tulle will hide your hips while showcasing your bust and shoulders. A-lines will have a similar effect without as much bulk. If you aren’t into hiding your body, then try on a mermaid dress to hug those curves and show off that lower body!

Strawberry Brides
Also called inverted triangles, strawberry brides have wide shoulders with a narrow waist and narrow hips. The two best bets if you’re in this category are A-line dresses or ball gown dresses. The extra material at the bottom of these dresses will balance out your upper half while defining your waist. If you’ve got some hips that you want to show off, a mermaid or trumpet gown’s lower body flair will do the balancing trick while being a bit more form-fitting.

Rectangle Brides
If you are on the thinner side with shoulders, waist, and hips that are of equal widths, then you are a rectangle. You can choose from nearly any dress you like! A ball gown is a great choice because it helps give the appearance of curves. An A-line or empire is more demure, and with proper seaming, it can give the appearance of full curves. A sheath dress will gently caress your small curves to make them look bigger and give you the statuesque appearance of a greek goddess.

Beautiful Gowns for Every Body
No matter what designer, fabric, accents, or color you choose, be sure to choose a wedding gown that fits your body and your personality. A great fit will always trump a trendy style. Fit your body and you will be sure to look timelessly beautiful at your wedding.

Must-Haves for a Beach Wedding

Beach-WeddingNothing says romantic quite like a beach themed wedding. Such a relaxed atmosphere and gorgeous surroundings put the spotlight on true love. Planning a beach wedding can be exciting and overwhelming. You may be stressing over how you can get a beach-perfect wedding look. From the hair to the dress to the shoes (or lack thereof), here are some great beach wedding style tips. No matter what style choices you make, your beach wedding will be one to remember.

Breezy Dress
As gorgeous as they are, big princess dresses are best left to the fairytale castle weddings. With a beach wedding, you don’t want to be drudging through the sand pulling a 35 pound gown around with you. Embrace the relaxed style of a beach wedding and opt instead for a more breezy wedding gown.

Find a dress that is flowy in all the right places. Look for a gown that’s fitted through the waist, hips, and bust, but flowy everywhere else. Maxi dresses can be a beautiful option, too. You’ll be soaking up the sun, so don’t forget to dress accordingly. Strapless gowns are definitely beachy, and dresses with thin straps are great for those who need more support.

Depending on your personality, beach dresses can have fun with color! A slightly peach or coral hue will definitely compliment any beach theme. Choosing an ivory or cream dress gives a more naturalistic look. As always, pure white looks absolutely beautiful, especially when paired with the blue waves and sandy beach.

Shoes or No Shoes?
This is such a great question for a beach bride. If you’ll be getting married on a pristine beach, consider going barefoot down the aisle. You won’t have to worry about getting sand in your shoes or having your heels sink down into the sand with each step. If you must wear shoes, look at strappy sandals in white or nude. You’ll still look summery while giving you feet some coverage and support.

Hair and Makeup Musts
Nothing says beach wedding like those loose, beachy waves. This effortless look will have your groom staring the whole time. You can part your waves down the side and add a tropical flower for extra flair, if that’s your style. Or, if you are worried about wind, try a messy updo. Those beachy waves will still look beautiful when turned into a messy bun or a sideswept ponytail.

Makeup should be minimal and glowy. Choose shades of pink, peach, and gold for eyeshadows, blush, and lips. A nice dusting of bronzer on the cheeks, forehead, and chin will make you instantly beach ready. Since it’s your wedding, don’t forget waterproof eye makeup!

Don’t Forget the Groom!
Brides are so worried about looking red carpet ready on their big day that they often forget about their handsome husbands-to-be. Beach wedding grooms and groomsmen should remember to choose breathable fabrics to make sure that they don’t get to hot. Muslin or khaki in a light tan or grey always looks nice. You can also ditch the jackets, ties, and vests, if you want that truly laid-back beach feel.